Frequently Asked Questions

How is this even possible?

We have, in our possession, many accounts that have several millions of cam4 tokens. Using these, we are able to 'generate' tokens to your account by actually sending you a tip on the site for your account.

Won't my account get banned for using this?

There is no reason for your account to get banned. We are just sending you a 'tip' just as it is possible to send anyone on the cam4 website. Trust us on this as we have delived several millions of tokens to thousands of accounts over the past 8 months.

Why do you have an online generator?

There is more convenience involved for all parties. The codes on the CAM4 website changes all the time and therefore, it would

Why is there a lock before downloading the password?

We had to implement this as a method for human verification. This is because of the huge number of requests we get everyday. Many such requests we have found were from bots and not humans. The survey allows us to protect our servers from unwanted traffic.